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Slicer (Zirconia LX S) Slicer (Zirconia LX CC) Slicer (Zaffira 300 LX) Slicer (Zaffira 300 LX. Automatica) Slicer (Zaffira 300 Auto) Slicer (TOP 220-250) Slicer (TOP 195) Slicer (Excel SIA 350) Slicer (Excel SIA 300) Slicer (Dolomia LX 350-370-385 S) Slicer (Dolomia LX 350-370-385 C) Slicer (Dolomia 350-370-385 S-C) Slicer (AVS 250-275) Slicer (AVS 250 BS-275 BS-300 BS) Slicer (Alpina LX 350 - 370 Automatica) Slicer (Alpina LX 350 - 370 - 385) Slicer (AGS 275) Slicer (AGS 250)

Avail from us the cutting-edge Slicer, which is available in varied models to suit the specific slicing requirements. The efficient Slicer, offered by us, is procured from the most reputed vendors in the international markets. We are a well-reckoned Slicer Importer and Supplier, based in New Delhi, India.

  • Efficient performance
  • Latest features
  • Longer life
  • Good quality


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